“Being a store owner and making my own juice for years I am very selective about my juice. I waited over a year to decide to carry another juice line besides my own. The problem I was running into is there are so many different juice companies, and all of them only had 1 or 2 flavors that were amazing. Savage E-Liquid was the 1st line that I tried every flavor and absolutely loved them all !! On top of great juice, they are very friendly, helpful, punctual, and professional. I have enjoyed doing business and building an ongoing relationship with them. I can’t keep their juice on the shelf and my customers love their juice just as much as I do. Picking up Savage E-Liquid is one of the very best decisions I have made for my store. #dripclouddominate”


Cloud 9 Vapor – Washington, UT

“Savage is a premium juice, at a low price which helps me make a good return. Ever since we have brought them into our store, there has been a high demand even with our other premium lines.”


“We have a total of 30+ Premium lines and Savage E-Liquid has been outselling them all. Since I have brought them on, I have been ordering 150+ bottles a week.”


Flawless Vapes & Supplies – Orange County, California

“The guys at Savage are a pleasure to do business with.  In an industry with more and more competition popping up everyday, customer service means the world. A quality product is of course essential as well.  Their lines have been flying off the shelves in our store, Vape Connoisseur in Venture, CA.  There is something for every single vaper’s palette in these lines. High quality nicotine contributes to their 6mg’s tasting as smooth as a lot of companies 3mg’s.  Quality, consistency, and great packaging.  Look forward to all future business with this company.”


Ryan W
Vapor Connoisseur – Ventura, California